Why Join TIFpress For Social Networking?

TIFpress combined Twitter, Instagram & Facebook all in one place for all of your social media activities.
Why it's way better
  • Less restriction and more freedom
  • Never be banned as long as you are courteous
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Chirp. Better than Twitter

Why it's way better
  • Let us spread your words

Meet new people all over the world & make friends

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Features :
  • Jump into any conversation by sending friend request
  • You can cancel request at anytime

Find the right group that fits your interests

There are over 1000 group some for Business, other for finding friends, dating, etc. You also can create your own home page
Features :
  • Join any group
  • Create your own group & invite friend & family
  • Cancel group & or remove your page at anytime

Comparable to Facebook with less restrictions

You will never be ban from signing but bear in mind to be courteous and do not use defamatory language.
Features :
  • You may start any conversation by sending a friend request
  • You can cancel your request at any time
  • Lifetime free membership

List your website-Business for free

List your Business website for Free

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Downloading TIFpress App would open the whole world for you

TIFpress App can and will open the whole world for you. Use it with confidence – you will not get banned & your account will not be frozen. Just be yourself, be polite, and don’t insult others. If you face any problem, contact us at once & rest assured we will do our best to help you out.
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